Build Brand Authority. Create Copy that Converts.

I coach women entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants and creatives to build their authority and generate more leads and sales online with higher-converting copy.

authority brand blueprint

COACHING INTENSIVE for women entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants and creatives, who are experts in their fields but haven’t reached their highest potential because they have not established themselves as recognized authorities.

If you’re like the women I’ve been privileged to work with, you’ve achieved a certain level of success but you know deep down that you’re meant for more. 

You want opportunities to lead, to shape discussion, to influence your industry. You want to speak on stages, write books, be quoted in the press. 

We’ll work together to crystallize your vision, create your messaging, position your brand and promote your unique value, process and story in a way that is completely authentic to you.

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Problem: You know that your ability to market and sell your services successfully depends heavily on the quality of your copy. But you have a sneaking suspicion – no, let’s call that full-blown evidence – that your copy isn’t quite up to snuff. You need words that convert and you need them fast.

Solution: Copy Coaching.

Tap into my copy superpowers by bringing me on board as a Copy Coach. This means you get the benefit of my eyes, direct response marketing skills and rather fine brain on your copy.

Here’s how it works: Retain me for a month and we’ll meet once a week on Zoom to go over your copy.  I’ll make some critical changes that I guarantee will boost conversions. You will also have access to me via WhatsApp and email.

If you’ve developed an online service, course or program but it’s being let down by weak copy, then I’ll help you sell that baby with landing pages, sales pages and email sequences that convert.

If you’re not 100% sure that your sales or web copy is up to snuff, then contact me about copy coaching. 

Result: You achieve higher-converting copy – without the mini freak-outs – at a fraction of the rate of my typical copy writing fees. Now that’s a win!

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