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What’s Great About Your Business Is You

In case you hadn’t noticed, there’s a lot of noise out there.

Much of it is loud.

Much of it is meaningless.

It’s a jumble of techno-babble and corporate-speak cooked up in focus groups.

But you, as an entrepreneur, a start-up, a consultant, a coach…you have the opportunity to be different.

Being different means being uniquely you.

So, don’t iron out your personality in some mistaken bid to look like the big boys.

Wishy-washy marketing won’t get you heard above the crowd.

Don’t be afraid to voice an opinion, go against the grain or take a stand.

If people don’t like you, they’re not for you.

Let them go.

Your business can’t afford to take on clients who are the wrong fit. 

Know who you want to serve and why.

Don’t cast your marketing net wide and hope to catch just anybody.

Above all, keep it real.

Authenticity draws followers.

Authenticity drives loyalty.

Authenticity builds brands.

Just as dogs can smell fear and kids can sense jerks, audiences can spot a fake.

So, stop trying to sound like your favourite guru.

Do you, my friend.

Do you.

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