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You are self-obsessed and so are your customers

If there’s one universal truth about human beings, it is that we are chronically self-obsessed. Yeah, yeah, you’re not that type of person…you have no ego…you always think of others…. Whatever. Unless you are divine…. And I think it’s safe to say you’re not…. Then you are as preoccupied with self as the rest of us earth-dwellers. Humans seem hard-wired to prefer, choose and follow what is most like them. This

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Marketing a business is like losing weight. In theory, both are simple. In reality, both are hard as heck. I’m trying to drop a few pounds right now. In these recent months of wearing elasticated waist pants every day and having nowhere fun to go, I developed some unfortunate eating habits (late night munchies anyone?) that have come back to bite my ever-expanding butt. Losing weight should be a straight-forward endeavour.

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Overcome their primary objections: Build Trust with Customers

When I was a university student…broke as a joke…I got a Summer job doing door-to-door promotions for a paint product. After a few days of sales training, we were sent out in teams of two to canvass specific neighbourhoods. Our job was to convince people to sign up for a follow-up call or visit from the sales team who would then come in to close. We would earn a percentage of

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Copywriting is a different style of writing

To All the Words I’ve Loved Before.

It’s time to say goodbye to the clunkers that are killing your online copy You’re a coach or consultant. An experienced entrepreneur. A pillar of professional services. And now you want a slice of the online pie. You’ve had enough of those Facebook ads with smug Millennials in their cars, boasting about making thousands of dollars in online sales while buying coffee at the drive thru. And you’re thinking, if these

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Don’t Listen to Your Customers.

Yeah, you read that right. Don’t listen to your customers. At least don’t take what they say as gospel. Of course, you must talk to them, feel their pulse, ask them questions, get their feedback and all that good stuff. That is the definition of customer intelligence. But the flip-side of customer intelligence is that your customers don’t have all the answers. In many ways, they don’t know jack about jack.

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Stop Selling Information

So, that’s a photo of me and my boy Todd Herman chilling at an event last year in Toronto.
You may have heard of Todd.
Or T. as we call him.
Peak performance coach to world-class athletes and megapreneurs.
Creator of the 90 Day Year.
Author of the best-selling Alter Ego Effect.

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