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I’m tired of seeing talented women not rising to the highest levels because they don’t have the confidence, clarity or strategies to project themselves as true thought-leaders in their space.

I’m tired of seeing gifted entrepreneurs tie themselves in knots with different marketing tactics which inevitably fail, because they haven’t drilled down on the fundamentals of their brand or understood the power of building authority.

Your voice matters.
Your message matters.
Let’s get you out there.

Nkiru Asika

Building authority isn’t about living on social media, trying to become an “influencer” or even creating a “personal brand.”


Real authority is about revealing the core of your brand.

The real reals.

Then taking that superpower and sharing it with the world.

This is the heart of the 5-Story Framework™ which forms the basis of my Message to Market Makeover program.

I’ve been an award-winning personal finance journalist, TV producer and conversion copywriter who has helped clients all over the world, from solopreneurs to major companies market their products and bank more bucks.

One of my proudest achievements is founding a social enterprise that supported and trained more than 1700 creative entrepreneurs and launched a co-working space providing affordable rent, networking and learning opportunities.

Currently also a Board member of two national business non-profits, I bring decades of experience in communications, direct response marketing, content, training and entrepreneurship to the table.

I’m also in the trenches every day, studying, assessing, testing and soaking up knowledge so that I can bring you the best of what’s working now.

Helping more women to step into their authority is my mission. I won’t let you accept a smaller version of yourself.


Some Cool Stuff I've Done

  • Was one of the original producers of Social Media Week Lagos, the biggest new media and technology conference in Africa
  • Launched a hip-hop themed sandwich shop called Wrap City….wrap…get it?!
  • Co-produced a bi-annual retail fair showcasing hand-made goods by small creative businesses
  • Hustled Bulgarian red wine in Nigerian street markets
  • Wrote a poem  that was performed live at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C., by Hollywood actor Hakeem Kae-Kazim – check it out here

Other Random Facts

  • My name Nkiru is from the Igbo people of South-Eastern Nigeria and is pronounced something like In-key-roo. It means “The future is greater than the past.” Or as my late dad used to say, “The best is yet to come.”  Words I live by.
  • I believe in God.
  • I love Lapsang Souchong tea.
  • In my teens, I was in a secret marriage with the late, great Prince. So secret even he never knew.
  • When I’m not busy coaching or writing, I’m probably being eye-rolled by my 21 daughter and 19 year old son, watching re-runs of Law & Order SVU, or throwing down old school moves to old school Hip-Hop & Rnb

I think we can vibe.
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