Learn to communicate the transformational value of your work so you can stop underselling your services, grow your authority brand and build a profitable business around your expertise.

You’ve got a ton of experience, expertise and ideas bubbling up inside you. Probably more than some of the so-called gurus in your field.
But nobody knows and nobody cares because you haven’t built an authority brand.
While you’ve been focusing intently on servicing your clients or building your career, others have promoted themselves as thought leaders, gaining greater visibility and making more money.
It's time to step up from unknown expert to visible authority.
Authority breeds trust. Authority opens doors.
Authority makes it easier for people to hire you, refer you, share your content, buy from you and invite you onto their platforms. This goes way beyond developing a personal brand, chasing PR or racking up followers on social media.
I will help you develop the clarity, confidence and strategy to grow your business by positioning yourself as an authority in your space.

Even if you’re afraid to put yourself out there.

Even if you’re an introvert.

Even if you feel like an impostor.

Nkiru Asika

Hi, I'm Nkiru

I’m an Oxford University-educated, Nigerian-born, UK-raised, U.S.-trained and Toronto-living mum of two.

My superpowers include a keen strategic eye, an ability to uncover the possibilities within people and translate ideas into powerful messages. 

My mission is to empower women entrepreneurs to step into their authority because I believe this is critical to closing the global gender gap in income, business opportunity, leadership, venture capital and share of voice.

I also believe that as a woman, establishing an authority brand isn’t just about you. It’s about all the women who come behind you. It’s not just a strategy that can and will grow your business. It’s a moral imperative.


Love From Coaching Clients

"As a full stack marketer with years of experience, I thought I knew all the tricks. Was I ever wrong! Every session we had produced a new takeaway that I was able to immediately implement in my business. Nkiru is both a brilliant strategist and the ultimate wingwoman! She will support you in finding the confidence you need, help you identify the hidden gaps in your messaging and shift your mindset to owning your authority with ease."
Chrys Clay
Marketing & Funnel Expert, Asheville, N.C.
"Working with Nkiru was amazing! I’ve often struggled to put my own needs first or crystallize my vision for success. However, as I was getting ready for the publication of my first book I knew that it was time to step into the spotlight and truly position myself as an authority. What appealed to me most about Nkiru’s definition of an Authority Brand is that you no longer have to chase and hustle for opportunities. Once you are fully operating in your authority zone, those opportunities will keep coming your way."
Uju Cole
Author, Blogger & Digital Consultant, London, U.K.

Struggling to Hit Your Goals?

Whether you're new in business or you've been in the trenches for a while...if you're finding it hard to gain traction or to scale, then your problem is likely in one of these three areas:

What Do You Need?

Get Clear on Your Message & Offer

• Explain your business to people in way that gets them excited to buy • Stand out in your market and show how you’re different from the competition • Command the fees you deserve

Build Your Authority Brand

Become the go-to person in your niche by building an engaged audience, leveraging PR and podcasts, creating strategic signature content and developing a memorable and credible online presence.

Outsource Your Marketing & Admin.

If you truly want to grow your business (and have a life), you can't do it all. Focus on high-value tasks and let us handle activities such as social media management, creating content or admin.

Nkiru cut through our mindset around pricing and showed us how to position our services so that clients could see our worth. Within 2 sessions of working with Nkiru, we had the confidence to 5 x the price of our corporate package, raising it from 3K pounds to 15K pounds. And we sold it within a week! It is incredible the difference it makes when people can actually understand the value you bring and are happy to pay you for it!

Obehi Alofoje & Ngozi Weller

Co-Founders, Aurora Wellness, Manchester, U.K.

work with nkiru
Here are 3 More Ways I can Help You

My expertise is in direct-response marketing, copywriting, brand authority, publishing a book, growing your visibility and more. If you’re in the business of selling your knowledge, advice or expertise, I can help you stand out, find clients and build a bigger business online.

I also hold the position of Commissioning Editor, North America, Africa & the African Diaspora for Rethink Press, the U.K.’s most established hybrid publisher, specializing in business books. Nothing sells you like a book. Nothing certifies you more as an authority than becoming an author.  Click the link below to email me and I’ll share how Rethink Press can help you get your book finally done.


I am an experienced and engaging speaker, moderator and workshop facilitator. From keynotes to live and virtual presentations and workshops, I’ve done it all. I speak on building an authority brand, conversion copywriting, online marketing, women entrepreneurship and more.


Why carry the weight of business on your own when you can share highs and lows, exchange ideas and make friends with a network of like-minded women. I also run free trainings in the group.


Praise From Marketing Consulting Clients

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