From Lost in the Crowd to Stand-Out Leader

I empower female entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants to communicate the transformational value of their work so they can stop underselling their services, grow their authority and build a profitable business around their expertise.

You’ve got a ton of experience, expertise and ideas bubbling up inside you. Probably more than some of the so-called gurus in your field.
But nobody knows and nobody cares because you haven’t built an authority brand.
While you’ve been focusing intently on servicing your clients or building your career, others have promoted themselves as thought leaders, gaining greater visibility and making more money.
It's time to step up from unknown expert to visible authority.
I will help you develop the clarity, confidence and strategy to grow your business by positioning yourself as an authority in your space.

Even if you’re afraid to put yourself out there.

Even if you’re an introvert.

Even if you feel like an impostor.

Why Does Authority Matter?

Authority breeds trust. Authority opens doors.
Authority makes it easier for people to hire you, refer you, share your content, buy from you and invite you onto their platforms.This goes way beyond developing a personal brand, chasing PR or
racking up followers on social media.

Hi, I’m Nkiru.

I’m an Oxford University-educated, Nigerian-born, UK-raised, U.S.-trained and Toronto-living mum of two.

Coming from an incredibly varied background which you can read about here, my passion is coaching women to step into their authority because I believe this is critical to closing the global gender gap in income, business opportunity, leadership, venture capital and share of voice.

I also believe that as a woman, establishing an authority brand isn’t just about you. It’s about all the women who come behind you. It’s not just a strategy that can and will grow your business. It’s a moral imperative.


Roadmap to a Profitable Authority Brand

Clarity of Brand & Message

Credibility & Visibility

Scalable Lead Gen & Sales

  •  My clients achieve this by going through my 5-Story Framework (Who You Are; Who You Serve; What You Do; How You Do It and Your Brand Story).
  • You need confidence, a deep understanding of your market and strategic intelligence to select the visibility strategies that will actually grow your business
  • Free yourself from the demands of traditional lead generation and one to one sales by automating and scaling your marketing processes while keeping the personal touch

3 Ways I Can Help You:

Get Clear on Your Message

• Explain your business to people in way that gets them excited to buy • Stand out in your market and show how you’re different from the competition • Command the fees you deserve

Build Your Authority Brand

Become the go-to person in your niche by building an engaged audience, leveraging PR and podcasts, creating strategic signature content and developing a memorable and credible online presence.

Automate Your Lead Generation

Drive new leads into your business, while also promoting your authority, with a powerful automated webinar funnel. We handle the webinar copy, design, tech and email sequences.

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